Thursday, April 14, 2011


Beauty products from my Junkie lines.

1. O.P.I Nail Polish in "Houston We Have a Purple"
This color can vibe with almost any outfit you want to pair it with. If you want to go sophisticated or sassy, this polish can take you there.

2. MAC Fluidline in "Dark Diversion"
Is it brown, red, or purple? Who knows! But it is fabulous. This eyeliner will add personality and flair to your make-up regime without going too much over the top.

3. MAC "209 Eyeliner Brush"
I have finally found the brush that gives me the most perfect line for gel/creme/liquid eyeliner! Thin, thick, cat-eye, winged, you name it and 209 can do it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


If you're already thinking about summer fashion, let this inspire you. Summer is all about a classy but urban take on 1940's stlye. Think Allie in the Notebook. Romance meets playful.

How to do spring fashion with a twist

It's time to take what we've learned from Spring fashion and make it our own.
Now, we've seen florals and florals and more florals. There are plenty of soft colors and classy khakis. Big surprise! It's Spring! Of course everyone's clothes look like a five-year-old's garden tea party. Let's see what we can do to shake things up.

1. Don't be afraid of florals, just don't over do it. Pair florals with neutrals and dark colors, not just cream, denim, or lace. Use pieces like studded belts and or a leather jacket to give this ultra feminine look an edgy vibe.

2. Do retro other than the obvious 70's chic. Yes the resurge of colored knit sweaters, floral maxi skirts, and chunky beaded necklaces are fun, but how many people really look hot in a jumper? Instead try headscarves, flare leg jeans, and white plastic rimmed sunglasses. Oh and try some thick wooden high heels. Also incorporate bold patterns and bright colors but adapt it to you, this isn't Disco Prom.

3. Let the bright shine in. Somehow brights and neons are still around. You can still use them, but they are best kept for play time and fun night out. But if you just gotta have it, try it in these ways especially focusing on brightened jewel tones. 
-Bandage dress/skirt
-Beach cover-up
-Work-out attire